Steps on Mounting a Wall Cabinet

A wall mount cabinet is a neat way of organizing office supplies and reducing clutter. It is reliable and saves space because it is mounted on a wall and is elevated from all the other furniture in the office. It also enhances the office interior design because it is sleek and promotes organization.

The wall mount cabinet also boosts productivity since users can easily access the office supplies they need without having to search so much. In order for this product to compliment the office interior design, one must know how to mount this product on the wall easily. Here are the steps:

  1. Determine the preferred height of the cabinet by measuring from the floor up. This is necessary to leave enough space in case you want to place base cabinets or countertops below it.
  2. After the measuring has been completed, mark a line on the wall. Use a level so the wall mount cabinet can be hung perfectly. In addition, utilize a stud finder to find the studs and mark where they are so you know where to drill.
  3. Install a temporary ledger board under your marked line. A ledger board helps hold the wall cabinet as you install it. Use the marked stud lines to make sure the board is hung securely.
  4. Remove the ledger board. Place the office supplies into the wall cabinet and organize as you please.

Learning how to mount wall cabinets is a great way to maintain an attractive office interior design. But most of all, it helps save money because one does not need to pay and hire someone to install it. For added security, purchase the Defibtech wall mount cabinet. This product is fitted with a loud alarm that will sound whenever the cabinet is opened.

How to Decorate a Bulletin Board?

Schools and offices alike have bulletin boards attached to its walls. The bulletin boards serves as an information panel in an area. Memos, letters, updates, news, activities and some unrelated stuff can be posted on the board.

The common types of bulletin boards used are the chalkboard, corkboard, and the markerboard. Although these all serve the same purpose, users find ways to design the boards and turn it into an attractive piece in schools and offices.

How to decorate a bulletin board?

Chalkboard. Using different chalk colors on the board will make it attractive and inviting. The more colors use for specific postings, the better it will look. Although papers can be attached to the chalkboard, it is not advisable because the framework of the board can be damaged.

Corkboard. Push pins and thumbtacks are usually used to pin postings on the corkboard. Thus, it is best to use colorful push pins to turn the board into a beautiful piece. Colorful paper can likewise be posted to keep the board lively. However, never stick paper on the board surfaces because it can hardly be removed.

Markerboard. A markerboard is a white and glossy office product. It is a product that most users have difficulty in designing because it appears to standout even when empty. Colored markers may enhance its look but it is not enough to turn it into something more since there are limited number of marker colors available. The perfect decoration for this type of board is the use of magnets. The magnets will standout and give a different feel to the empty board.

Regardless of what type of bulletin you have in offices and schools, you can turn it into an attractive piece.

What Makes a Good Lobby Sign?

According to a popular saying, “There is no second chance to make a first impression.” This is true in the corporate world where everyone struggles to stand out through good advertising and publicity. That is why it is essential to have a striking lobby sign on a gorgeous lobby sign holder for clients to notice. This wholesale office supply maintains an important role in increasing business exposure and keeping an attractive office interior design.

A lobby sign advertises a company or a product by prominently displaying valuable information in a building’s entryway. Using this wholesale office supply is a very cost efficient method to impress and assist clients. It also helps deliver excellent customer service, which is a crucial ingredient in providing customer satisfaction.

The following are the factors that make a good lobby sign:

  • Concise. A too elaborate lobby sign will just confuse clients. It is necessary to create something that is simple, strong and striking, so it can easily be understood.
  • Readable. The sign must be comprehensible so clients can understand it the moment they enter the building. One must consider the dimensions of the sign, its holder and its font for easy readability at appropriate distances.
  • Eye-catching. Color plays an important role in creating an effective lobby sign. The colors should provide enough contrast to make the letters pop. However, make sure that the colors coincide with the impression that the company and brand wish to create.

A good lobby sign significantly increases the company’s popularity. That is why one must purchase a reliable and attractive lobby sign holder to go with it for better advertising. This crystal acrylic wholesale office supply enhances the office interior design and includes a literature pocket, which allows users to offer pamphlets and other information to clients.

Benefits of Using Expandable Garment Clips in the Office

An appealing office interior design offers various advantages in the workplace. Many things can be done to make an office attractive. However, keeping things organized is the cheapest and most practical way to do so. A myriad of office products are available to reduce clutter and make an office look presentable. A great example is using expandable garment clips , which can be attached over cubicle walls to hang clothing.

A well organized and clutter free workplace is essential in maintaining a stress-free environment. It also attracts clients and creates a good impression. Using expandable garment clips in the office offer  numerous benefits.

  • Safely stores and provides proper care on expensive corporate attires such as suits and blazers. This office product helps maintain the integrity of these clothing so they last longer.
  • Helps keep office cubicles well organized. This is a great way of keeping the office interior design attractive to potential clients.
  • Expandable garment clips slides easily over cubicle walls. This is a versatile feature for hanging clothes neatly in the office.
  • It is made of chrome and has a sleek design that includes a hook on each side of the clip. This keeps the workplace clutter free while enhancing the office interior design.

The expandable garment clips offer great benefits in organizing the office. This office product‘s ergonomic design help employees hang their clothing in the most organized manner. This is essential in keeping an attractive workplace to set a good and lasting impression on potential clients.

Advantages of Wire Shelving In the Office

A workplace has too many office supplies and equipment that need to be stored and organized. Having the right place to put them away prevents the office from obtaining too much clutter.  Wire shelving has been a practical choice for many that has too much to store but has little space. It is a very efficient office furniture indeed. However, it also poses pros and cons like any other things. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using wire shelves.

Cheaper – Wire shelves are notches cheaper than wood and fiberglass shelves. They offer the same height and space for storing things. What’s more, they also come with different colors to match the office theme and design.

Lightweight – Wood shelves alone are too heavy to carry when it is needed to move. Sometimes, it also leaves scratches on the floor. Thus, it needs to have a permanent space. Wire shelves on the other hand are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another without exerting too much strength.

Easy to configure – Whether as a closet or shelf, it can be easily transform and configure depending on its purpose. It does not require any tools at all for set up. Some are even adjustable up to 1″ increments and has several gauge patterns, surface and frame.

Versatile – Wire shelving is applicable not only in the office but also at home. It can keep clothes, equipment, food, kitchen arsenals, office supplies and more. It can even support up to 1000 lbs thus, also offer stability.

Using Wire shelves in the office offer numerous benefits. They save time, money and space which makes them an ideal office furniture.

Tips on Choosing Aluminum Ladder for Office

An aluminum ladder is a very useful tool for different kinds of DIY tasks. It is also widely used at industrial areas, at home or in the office. It can be used for enhancing the office interior design by hanging decorations, cleaning high shelves, stacking books or documents on hard to reach places, and even for office maintenance. That is why it is important to know how to choose this office product to suit your needs.

Purchasing a high quality aluminum ladder is a good investment. With its vast use in home and office interior improvement jobs, it is a valuable addition to complete DIY tasks.

Here are the things that need to be considered when buying this office product:

Style. Depending on your needs, the kind of ladder to choose should be appropriate for the nature of the job. There are different styles of ladders and if one uses the wrong one, it may result to falling or serious injury.

Purpose. When not too much height is needed for a task, it is ideal to use a multipurpose ladder. If there is limited storage space, adjustable ladders are very convenient because they can be folded for easy storage.

Safety. Aluminum ladders are designed and constructed to hold up a specific amount of weight. One must keep in mind the stability and safety configurations and features when choosing a ladder to avoid accident or injury.

Remember, choose the right ladder that is perfect for you needs like the Cramer Industries, Inc. four- step, aluminum ladder. This office product combines high-tensile, welded-design strength with visual appeal. It provides solid and secure footing with nonskid vinyl treads for traction and offers a 300 lb. load rating.

Types of Bulletin Boards

The bulletin board, otherwise known as the notice board, pin board, and message board has many types. It is an indispensable product that is deemed essential when it comes to information dissemination. Bulletin boards are where you can post public announcements, upcoming events, and advertisement. These are virtually seen everywhere – in schools, offices, hospitals, streets and even at homes. But depending on the environment, a bulletin board also has different types, styles and materials to best suit the place.

  • Cork board – this type of bulletin board is often seen in schools and in homes. These are used with pins and creatively display photos for scrapbooks. It comes in many different colors and works well with fabrics; making it an even stylish art wall.
  • Dry-erase board – this board is convenient and removes the means of using pin ups. A dry-erase board has a white surface which can be written with dry-erase markers. It can be cleaned by simply wiping it off with a tissue or soft cloth. That is why it is used in various applications especially in an office environment.  Conference and meetings are smoothly initiated with the use of this board. Even at school, this board replaced traditional chalkboard which accumulates dust and chalk residues. Not to mention, dry-erase markers comes with different colors, making every message written on the more noticeable.
  • Magnetic board – The office environment is filled with mounds of paperwork, graphs, charts, notices and policy implementations. Thus, a magnetic board plays an integral role. It uses magnets for secure display of information. It comes in variations such as slides and encased.

However, thanks to the innovative minds of human, these types of bulletin boards are now widely integrated. Now you can buy a dry-erase board with half magnetic board plus a soft foam surface in great numbers of wholesale office supply store. Others even have preprinted calendars, plastic frames and mounting hardware.