Telephone Shoulder Rest – Why is it Necessary for Home Office or Business?

Office environment can be very hectic, especially when personnel multitask to meet overwhelming demands. Typing on a computer keyboard while answering the phone can cause discomfort like a sore neck. In addition, the phone may slip and fall on the floor, which is not good for business especially when talking to potential clients. That is why it is recommended to use reliable office products like a telephone shoulder rest to provide support and comfort without compromising the office design.

A telephone shoulder rest offers hands free conversations so users can be comfortable when speaking on the phone. Here are the reasons why this office product is necessary for home office or business:

Ergonomic Design. The telephone shoulder rest is designed for use on curved or slightly curved phones. Its nonslip cushioned design attaches easily with self adhesive mounting. In addition, there are a variety of colors to choose from to match the telephones in the office. This makes this product even more perfect for any room interior and design.

Comfortable. The shoulder rest is soft and helps prevent physical discomfort like neck and shoulder fatigue. It is very comfortable and allows users to multitask because it offers hands free telephone

Versatile. This product fits either the user’s shoulder. In addition, it fits regular or trim line phones and attaches easily.

Truly, this office product offers many advantages to personnel, making it necessary for every home office or business. Remember, purchase a reliable product like the Softalk telephoneshoulder rest. It is comfortable and versatile to make telephone conversations even more pleasant.