What is a Biohazard Wall Cabinet?

A biohazard wall cabinet is a fixture purposely designed to prevent and avoid the reuse of used medical needles and other sharp medical instruments. It is standard practice to place needles to a sharps container immediately after use (with only a few exceptions) to prevent sharing needles. The sharing of needles is highly dangerous because it often causes the spread of blood borne infections like AIDS (HIV).

Biohazard Wall Cabinet Features
In-room locking feature. The biohazard wall cabinet encloses a 5 quart Sharpstar transparent red sharps container with lid. Users will simply have to insert the medical needles on the area designated minus the worry of reusing the used needles.

Key-eyed locks. This biohazard cabinet is secure. It has a security key that can be assigned to specific personnel responsible for the proper disposal of used needles.

Allows easy monitor. It has a front and side window which allows users to monitor the fill levels. Once users notice that it has reached its capacity, they can call the attention of the authorized personnel and action can be made.

Made from quality materials. It is made from durable ABS plastic to provide extra protection to the sharps container and to surpass lengthy periods.

Wall mount. This office product is mountable, so it does not get in the way of the activities inside the area. Additionally, it conveniently saves space because it is mounted on walls.

A biohazard wall cabinet is the perfect fixture in laboratories, clinics, hospitals, and other medical centers.

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