Pros and Cons of a Keyless Lock

For starters, not needing to bring a key with you is already a great convenience. By having a keyless combination lock at home, you no longer have to fear about misplacing it somewhere around the house. No need for duplicates and no more keeping it under the flowerpot or the mailbox – which most us do. While a house doesn’t need too many keys, shops, stores and offices are quite the opposite. Often times we see the employees or maintenance personnel carrying a bundle of keys in different sizes and styles – most probably for the doors and storage rooms. The tendency of losing keys is a dangerous thought. Homes and offices alike will be subjected to robbers. Thus, by using the keyless combination lock, your mind can be at peace.
The snag on the other hand is the fact that it’s keyless. Most combination locks are created to alarm the authorities once an invalid code is entered too many times. Yet, intruders can still gain access through hacking the system and guessing the lock combination. In addition, keyless lock might not properly work during a power interruption. Moreover, you could forget the code itself.
Safekeeping your valuable items at home or office is important. Not only protection against robbers but also against other damage-causing factors. When it comes to safekeeping your money, using a cash box is ideal. It has compartments for paper bills, coins, checks and even smaller office products. This product also has a combination lock for added security and a side keyhole to accommodate the security cable.