Save More Space Using a Mobile Projector in the Office

When you go to a wholesale supply store, you will find supplies and office products that are convenient, affordable and multifunctional. If your office space is small, then maximizing it is very essential to keep things in order. Using a mobile projector cart has been proven to be space-saving furniture. The design enables the user to store more things in one place. In fact, many use it as an alternative workstation. In addition, it can be easily move around.

This furniture carries multiple equipment and devices: With its top shelf size of 42″ high and pullout notebook computer shelf of 29″ wide x 13″ deep; you can place not only a data projector but also devices such as speaker, notebook computer, DVD player, printer, scanner or other A/V equipment.

It also keeps mounds of wires and cables organized: The open-design is never a drawback for mounds of wires and cables from the equipment. That’s because behind the shelf is a large cord management bin. Not to mention, the four-outlet electrical assembly with 20′ cord. So no matter the shelf is fully loaded with devices, wires and cables will never be an eye-sore.

You can practically stow it in any corner: The adjustable three seating and standing height allows users to keep it in any corner. The 4 caster wheels with 2 locking, make moving around pretty easy. Imagine bringing everything you need in one shelf for presentation and conference. Your projector, large monitor of computer and A/V equipment is never a hassle to bring.

The mobile projector cart is also durable and eco-friendly. It is made of all-steel construction which is 30 percent post-consumer recycled material.