CEP Magazine Rack 10 X 3 – How Does It Enhance The Office Interior Design?

Magazine racks are efficient device for saving office space. It keeps the workplace attractive and clutter free by holding office supplies and other paperwork securely. There are various types of magazine racks for every display needs. However, the CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 stands out among the rest when it comes to enhancing the office interior design.

A magazine rack is a reliable office product because it prevents paperwork and other small office supplies from snagging. It is very efficient in maintaining an organized office interior design. Having an attractive and clutter free workplace is essential to lure in potential clients and leave a good business impression. Here is how the CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 boosts the office room’s appeal:

• Beautiful design. It features a transparent crystal design with highlighted rounded edges. In addition, its contrasted matte finish with glossy background definitely enhances the esthetic appeal. This makes the CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 ideal for every office interior design.

• Easy access to documents. Its solid walls do not snag when inserting paperwork. It also holds small items and office supplies securely. In addition, the rack’s finger grip is in the form of a small lip, which helps to pull the magazine rack forward.

• Saves space. Magazine rack fits easily into all shelving systems. It accepts A4 and files up to 9-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ (24 cm x 32 cm).

• Environmentally friendly. It is made from recyclable, shock-resistant polystyrene. This material makes it durable and good for the environment.

The CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 will definitely boost the overall appeal of the workplace. This product is a true must have for a clutter free and attractive office.