Cart Organizer for Easy Storage and Transfer of Files

Today, there are many ways of sending and transferring volumes of files within the office premises. Employees can use the email, Bluetooth, and computer which have made the office workload convenient and less of a hassle. However, the existence of physical mails cannot be avoided and totally ignored. This is the reason why office equipment like printers is still needed. Mails and other office paperwork are delivered regularly, which comes in volumes. Carrying these is hardly manageable when using with bare hands. Given this scenario, a cart organizer becomes a handy and practical buddy.

Cart Organizer Features
The number of compartments is sufficient. There are 14 letter-size compartments in a cart organizer. Each can hold up to 5 lbs of documents. So, even if you print or copy hundreds of printout, you can deliver and transfer these to your desk with ease.

The trays are removable. If you want to have more space to file and store your documents, you can easily pull out its trays to expand its compartment.

It is mobile. No need to carry your documents around using your arms, just place these in the cart and you are good to go. You can move the cart organizer anywhere you want in the office. It has four caster wheels with two locks for easy push and secure standing.

The cart is made of durable materials. Holding 70 lbs of paper is not easy; and if you want to place these securely in a mobile cart, make sure that the materials are durable. The cart organizer is made of compressed wood with laminated finish for a polished and stylish look.