What Makes a Good Lobby Sign?

According to a popular saying, “There is no second chance to make a first impression.” This is true in the corporate world where everyone struggles to stand out through good advertising and publicity. That is why it is essential to have a striking lobby sign on a gorgeous lobby sign holder for clients to notice. This wholesale office supply maintains an important role in increasing business exposure and keeping an attractive office interior design.

A lobby sign advertises a company or a product by prominently displaying valuable information in a building’s entryway. Using this wholesale office supply is a very cost efficient method to impress and assist clients. It also helps deliver excellent customer service, which is a crucial ingredient in providing customer satisfaction.

The following are the factors that make a good lobby sign:

  • Concise. A too elaborate lobby sign will just confuse clients. It is necessary to create something that is simple, strong and striking, so it can easily be understood.
  • Readable. The sign must be comprehensible so clients can understand it the moment they enter the building. One must consider the dimensions of the sign, its holder and its font for easy readability at appropriate distances.
  • Eye-catching. Color plays an important role in creating an effective lobby sign. The colors should provide enough contrast to make the letters pop. However, make sure that the colors coincide with the impression that the company and brand wish to create.

A good lobby sign significantly increases the company’s popularity. That is why one must purchase a reliable and attractive lobby sign holder to go with it for better advertising. This crystal acrylic wholesale office supply enhances the office interior design and includes a literature pocket, which allows users to offer pamphlets and other information to clients.