Use Office Foot Rest to Add Comfort in the Workplace

Back, neck, leg strain and fatigue are borne-out of incorrect posture. Office furniture is not always ergonomically designed. Adding an office foot rest to the equation can offer the needed relief.

Personnel degrees of convenience vary

No two persons are similar, what is comfortable to one may not be as effective to the other. In fact, ergonomically designed furniture is not always applicable to everybody. Chairs have pneumatic lifts to allow for height adjustment. But even with this added feature, some will still need a typical 3m adjustable foot rest to meet the level of convenience.
An office foot rest can help
True to some as it could push the limits to attain correct position. It is devised to adjust your leg at the most convenient angle. Angle of the foot rest can be made to conform and locks into place by just a slight press of the feet. In addition, the surface material is non-skid to achieve greater stability.
  • Foot rests reduce muscles strain and fatigue. When your feet rest on the right elevation and in a comfortable angle, it has a complimenting effect on the muscles. Muscles tend to relax eliminating strain and fatigue. The whole body structure benefit as well. Back aches and pain in the lower body are indications the positions are incorrect.
  • Foot rests eliminate discomfort in pressure points. This is an observation attached to some office products. In particular, the type of foot rest that employs shock-absorbing gels on the platform. Due to the cottony nature of gel, it soothes tired feet and reasonably eliminates stress on pressure points.

If your office foot rest has lost its oomph, it is time for replacement to one that can add comfort to your workplace.