Cork Bulletin Boards: The Resilient Post-it Message Board

Bulletin boards will never die-out of importance. It will continue to be the most appropriate device to post eye-catching messages, advertisements, or announcements.

Bulletin boards will be here to stay. None could be as dominant, even the computer and the internet. It has shown its appeal in the past and will continue to be part of the people’s future. In fact, bulletin boards have become synonymous with information. The importance is iconic; being the genre for information. Universities, colleges, dormitory corridors, hallways, lobbies and even dine-in and amusement places all attest to the importance of bulletin boards.

The prevalence of bulletin boards is understandable. The association with this office supply is never-ending. Bulletin boards are primarily the source of information. It has served various quests long before Queen Elizabeth II was born and will continue to be around even after she leaves her post. The bond with bulletin boards is strangely secure, and none could break the ties.
Cork bulletin boards will lord it over other types. The only reason for the cork’s dominance is resilience.  No other material can match its resiliency. Users can post anything on it using push pins easily. And can retrieve items as easily.  It leaves no damage to the surface because the cork is self-healing. The material could actually go through several hundreds of rounds of pinning. Although, there are other kinds available like the magnetic types, none could match the properties of cork.
Next time you think of messages, cork visual communications productswill surely crop-up.  Cork is one and the same with life; resilient to all.

How Office Desks Influence the Look and Feel of your Office?

When clients enter the office, they immediately notice the desk and the man’s authority and power behind it. Office furniture such as office desks are one of the most important components in every workplace. They keep everything in place such as paperwork, office supplies, and other things that are deemed to be important to the company’s whereabouts.

An object in a room can change everything. Here’s how office desks influence the look and feel of an entire office.

Save Space.There is nothing more unattractive than a cluttered office. Desks keep everything where they should be and maintain that cozy ambience that is conducive for working and socializing with clients. An organized office reflects an employee’s personality so he should have a reliable office desk that will suit his needs.

Boost Appeal.Desks not only keep everything in order but also influence first impressions. When clients consult an employee, the desk is the rendezvous for business proposals and sealing the deal. That is why every office needs a sleek and modern designed desk that will wow clients and boost the room’s appeal.

To achieve a better looking office, we highly recommend the Buddy Products Space Saver Desk. This office furniture features 3 adjustable shelves so employees can modify it to be more efficient according to their needs. It is made of wood so it gives that classy and cozy feel without compromising its organizing capabilities. The shelves are ideal for storing letter-size documents and folders, while the open area beside these shelves is ideal for binder storage. This office desk also includes a pencil cup and CD holder.

Safco Machine Stand – How it keeps the office organized and presentable?

An office can be a chaotic place for employees, especially if the office supplies are not well organized. Making the workplace look presentable is one of the things that a company strives to achieve. This is because first impressions count to potential clients and having a nice looking workplace gives them an instant image of the services the company is willing to provide.

With the large availability of office supplies and devices such as printers and fax machines in the office, they need to be organized to avoid clutter. The Safco machine stand does a good job in keeping things in order. This is how it makes the office look presentable:

Attractive. This machine stand is perfect for desk-side usebecause it neatly fits into smaller areas. It has gray coat finish that adds a touch of class to the office area. It keeps things organized while making the workplace look presentable and sophisticated.

Durable. It features steel cabinetry that is made of 22 gauge steel. Its scratch-resistant laminate top measures 17-1/4″ wide x 17-1/4″ deep. The Safco machine stand also rolls on four dual wheel swivel casters (two locking), so it can be moved from one place to another with ease.

Functional. It can store frequently used office supplies on the open area (15-1/4″ wide x 17″ deep x 5″ high) under the top and can hold up to 200 lb. The storage area below features a piano-hinged door and fixed supply shelf for storage of smaller stuff.

With these features in mind, the Safco machine stand is definitely a must have in every workplace. Its organizing capability and mobility will surely make any office presentable and classy.

Literature Holder – Its Many Uses in Promoting Your Business

Magazine-size materials like pamphlets, brochures, and catalogs are important marketing peripherals. These draw attention when created well and when presented in literature holders.

Marketing materials promote the business. However, if the material is magazine size, it is often left to gather dust in counters and shelves. The size is too inconsequential, unless it is given as handouts. Literature holderscan help raise client awareness. Any material that lies flat in counters is a dead issue. But if it is propped up, it commands attention. The material becomes essentially eye-catching; urging passers-by to take a second look.

During trade shows for instance, literature holders are staple devices. It helps draw in clients to enter the display booth. These display the most enticing marketing material designed for the business. In conventions, literature holders displays the resume’ of each speaker and the subject to talk on. In dine-in facilities, the menu for the day is conveniently displayed in literature holders. Everybody seems will have need for this portable display device.
Literature holders available in wholesale office supplies vary in types. Some are made of wood, extruded aluminum, chrome plated steel and recycled plastic. The wooden type of holder commands the highest price, while plastic holders are the cheapest. Steel is preferred when the display is intended for outdoors. The reason is stability, because the weight of the material can resist sudden air swings.
Remember, that if you need to display magazine size materials. A literature holder is your best option.

Features to Consider when Choosing an Ergonomic Office Chair

One of the most important office furniture is the ergonomic office chair. It not only increases the appeal of those in high ranked positions, but also has some effects on the health of users. A comfortable chair is necessary, particularly when a person sits at his desk for hours each day. If not chosen properly, the person may develop back problems that affect posture and overall health.

The value and durability of any office furniture must never be taken for granted. Below are the features to consider when choosing the ideal ergonomic office chair:

  • Adjustable height. For the office chair to be convenient, its height must be adjustable. The seat should range at least 16 to 21 inches off the floor, enough for the feet to rest or be planted firmly on the floor.
  • Enough width and depth. The office chair would be very comfortable if it comes designed with enough width and depth. The industry standard is 17 to 20 inches wide. The depth should be sufficient so that the user can sit with his or her back against the backrest of the chair while leaving at least 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair.
  • Proper Lumbar support. Lower back support is essential to avoid health problems. If the lumbar spine isn’t supported properly, it will cause slouching. A good ergonomic office chair should have a lumbar adjustment so that proper lumbar support can be provided.
  • Good Backrest. The backrest should be at least 12 to 19 inches wide. It should provide sufficient support to the natural curve of the spine and the lumbar region.    
    The Fellowes Mfg. Co Professional Series Back Support  ergonomic office chair has all these features and so much more. This excellent office furniture is outfitted with mid-spinal support, memory foam cushion and lower lumbar support with 3 memory foam sections that conforms comfortably to natural body curvature.  It also features the innovative Tri-Tachment system that eliminates the need for readjustment.
    Always remember to choose the right office chair for optimal working comfort and good posture.

    Keep Foyers Organized and Tidy with Wood Coat Trees

    Keep Foyers Organized and Tidy with Wood Coat Trees

    Wood coat trees are important devices in homes and offices. They are mostly used as ready hooks or racks to hold wet coats and other outer garments.

    Coat trees are indispensable in structures for human habitation. The past had everything to do about the development of wood coat trees. In the past, there was no other way to traverse short distances than trekking it on foot. And during inclement weather, wet or soaking coats and shoes full of mud accompany the occupant as he enters the house or building. To free the interiors of mud and dripping water, coats and other outer garments must be removed before entering the premises. Thus, coat trees were born out of this necessity.

    Entrance foyers are the usual spaces where coat trees are found. This is the most logical place because entrance foyers serve as the anteroom or the part of a structure that serves as go between the outside and inner spaces.  Besides, outer garments serve only as protection from the chilly weather. Leaving them in foyers is necessary as the inside premises contain a fully controlled environment and protection is therefore no longer necessary
    There is no standard design adapted for coat trees. The design of the past is carried over to modern times. It is still based on the structure of the tree to promote stability. The free-standing wood coat tree is still popular; although steel, plastic and other materials are also being used. In the past, coat trees were ordered and custom designed from craftsmen. Thanks to mass production, coat trees are now easily available for purchase as office products.
    Remember, that wood coat trees are made for a single purpose, to organize the entrance foyer.