Keep Foyers Organized and Tidy with Wood Coat Trees

Keep Foyers Organized and Tidy with Wood Coat Trees

Wood coat trees are important devices in homes and offices. They are mostly used as ready hooks or racks to hold wet coats and other outer garments.

Coat trees are indispensable in structures for human habitation. The past had everything to do about the development of wood coat trees. In the past, there was no other way to traverse short distances than trekking it on foot. And during inclement weather, wet or soaking coats and shoes full of mud accompany the occupant as he enters the house or building. To free the interiors of mud and dripping water, coats and other outer garments must be removed before entering the premises. Thus, coat trees were born out of this necessity.

Entrance foyers are the usual spaces where coat trees are found. This is the most logical place because entrance foyers serve as the anteroom or the part of a structure that serves as go between the outside and inner spaces.  Besides, outer garments serve only as protection from the chilly weather. Leaving them in foyers is necessary as the inside premises contain a fully controlled environment and protection is therefore no longer necessary
There is no standard design adapted for coat trees. The design of the past is carried over to modern times. It is still based on the structure of the tree to promote stability. The free-standing wood coat tree is still popular; although steel, plastic and other materials are also being used. In the past, coat trees were ordered and custom designed from craftsmen. Thanks to mass production, coat trees are now easily available for purchase as office products.
Remember, that wood coat trees are made for a single purpose, to organize the entrance foyer.