Coat Stand with Umbrella Holder – How does it Enhance your Office Interior Design?

Boosting the appeal of an office is not hard to do when one has the right office products. Employees don’t really have to spend so much to bring that sleek look in their office interior design. All that is needed is to find a product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing like a coat stand with an umbrella holder.

As the winter season approaches, it gets colder outside and people begin wearing coats to keep them warm. When clients go to your office to seek out for help or assistance, they will greatly appreciate if one’s office has a coat stand. Office products like coat stands are essential in offices to ensure that the coats don’t get crumpled when taken off. They are also available in a wide variety of designs and styles.

Here ‘s how a coat stand with an umbrella holder enhances the office interior design:

  • Stylish. Choose from Victorian, Edwardian , Art Nouveau and oak coat stands, and many more. The Alba, Inc coat stand, for instance, has five strengthened coat pegs, tubular construction and a heavy base for stability. It looks sleek and will appeal more to minimalists who like to make the office look simple but sophisticated.
  • Multifunctional. The Alba, Inc coat stand also has a built-in umbrella holder and removable water retainer. This is very convenient because one does not have to worry of getting the floor soaked, especially when a client comes in with a wet umbrella.

Enhancing the office interior design can be simple. Just choose the right office products like the Alba, Inc coat stand with umbrella holder. It does not only keep your coats crumpled and your umbrellas in place, but also makes the office look so much nicer.