How to Decorate a Bulletin Board?

Schools and offices alike have bulletin boards attached to its walls. The bulletin boards serves as an information panel in an area. Memos, letters, updates, news, activities and some unrelated stuff can be posted on the board.

The common types of bulletin boards used are the chalkboard, corkboard, and the markerboard. Although these all serve the same purpose, users find ways to design the boards and turn it into an attractive piece in schools and offices.

How to decorate a bulletin board?

Chalkboard. Using different chalk colors on the board will make it attractive and inviting. The more colors use for specific postings, the better it will look. Although papers can be attached to the chalkboard, it is not advisable because the framework of the board can be damaged.

Corkboard. Push pins and thumbtacks are usually used to pin postings on the corkboard. Thus, it is best to use colorful push pins to turn the board into a beautiful piece. Colorful paper can likewise be posted to keep the board lively. However, never stick paper on the board surfaces because it can hardly be removed.

Markerboard. A markerboard is a white and glossy office product. It is a product that most users have difficulty in designing because it appears to standout even when empty. Colored markers may enhance its look but it is not enough to turn it into something more since there are limited number of marker colors available. The perfect decoration for this type of board is the use of magnets. The magnets will standout and give a different feel to the empty board.

Regardless of what type of bulletin you have in offices and schools, you can turn it into an attractive piece.

Types of Bulletin Boards

The bulletin board, otherwise known as the notice board, pin board, and message board has many types. It is an indispensable product that is deemed essential when it comes to information dissemination. Bulletin boards are where you can post public announcements, upcoming events, and advertisement. These are virtually seen everywhere – in schools, offices, hospitals, streets and even at homes. But depending on the environment, a bulletin board also has different types, styles and materials to best suit the place.

  • Cork board – this type of bulletin board is often seen in schools and in homes. These are used with pins and creatively display photos for scrapbooks. It comes in many different colors and works well with fabrics; making it an even stylish art wall.
  • Dry-erase board – this board is convenient and removes the means of using pin ups. A dry-erase board has a white surface which can be written with dry-erase markers. It can be cleaned by simply wiping it off with a tissue or soft cloth. That is why it is used in various applications especially in an office environment.  Conference and meetings are smoothly initiated with the use of this board. Even at school, this board replaced traditional chalkboard which accumulates dust and chalk residues. Not to mention, dry-erase markers comes with different colors, making every message written on the more noticeable.
  • Magnetic board – The office environment is filled with mounds of paperwork, graphs, charts, notices and policy implementations. Thus, a magnetic board plays an integral role. It uses magnets for secure display of information. It comes in variations such as slides and encased.

However, thanks to the innovative minds of human, these types of bulletin boards are now widely integrated. Now you can buy a dry-erase board with half magnetic board plus a soft foam surface in great numbers of wholesale office supply store. Others even have preprinted calendars, plastic frames and mounting hardware.