Genuine Joe Microfiber Cleaning Mitt Glove: Maintaining Sheen to Office Furniture

Polishing with harsh chemicals can destroy office furniture. However, using a microfiber cleaning mitt can have the same polishing effect without the harmful damage, ensuring long lasting and attractive furniture.

The Genuine Joe microfiber cleaning mitt glove is very soft and can hold its shape for an extremely long time. This microfiber mitt is a way of maintaining the surfaces of desks or other office furniture without scratches or damages that appears with more abrasive products and materials. Ultra-fine, densely bundled microscopic fibres form a cleaning surface 40 times greater than regular cotton fibre. It removes substantially more dust, dirt and bacteria than any conventional cleaning products.

Dusting with other cloths or damp materials can leave lint or streaks. The microfibers are designed to be lint free; leaving furniture shining and clean. Picking up dirt, dust and bacteria, this mitt glove may leave the mitt grimy. But there is no need to worry because it is fully machine washable.
The Genuine Joe microfiber cleaning mitt glove comes in an attractive blue colour and is made with 70% recycled material; making it not only stylish and simple to use, but also environment-friendly. Being an eco-friendly cleaning tool adds up to the advantages of the microfiber mitt. It requires no harsh chemicals for cleaning; removing the need for those harmful products.
• Lint-free
• Soft & Gentle on furniture
• No harsh chemical needed
• Environmentally friendly
• Washable
• Effective removal of dust, dirt and bacteria
With all these benefits the Genuine Joe microfiber cleaning mitt glove is a must buy to keep the sheen of office furniture.