Advantages of Using a Computer Carrel in a Small Office

A small business also requires a small workplace. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fill up the work space with desks and other furniture. That would make the workplace smaller and would likewise look disorganize. A computer carrel is one solution that will maximize space and keep workstation privacy. The development of this type of office furniture has benefitted large offices, libraries, study halls, and internet shops. Therefore, it can also serve its purpose on offices with small spaces.

Computer Carrel Features
It is easy to configure. The computer carrels have metal connectors that can be easily adjusted and arranged depending on the space and need. More space can be saved because all workstations are joined together and can be assigned in any office corner.

It is sturdy. This office furniture is not only a space-saver but also very durable. The panels are designed with a 3/4″ thick high-pressure laminate that will last for a long period of time. Also, it is made from sturdy materials similar to walls. So, it is safe to stick photos and notes on panels. Moreover, its frames are made with black powder-coated steel which enables it to deliver superior stability.

The space is wide. The work surface of the carrel is wide enough to accommodate a flat screen monitor or laptop computer. It measures 31-1/2″ wide x 23-3/4″ deep x 29″ high. Plus it has a retractable shelf for your keyboard and leveling glides.

Maintaining workstation privacy while keeping ample free space are office problems that only a computer carrel can resolve.