Flipchart Easel: Why Is It Necessary During Presentations?

When flipcharts are used during presentations, expect that easels will also be around. These tools are indispensable.

Flipcharts are standard devices in any presentation. Conferences, meetings, trade shows are never conducted without the use of flipcharts. This is particularly necessary for intimate gatherings. Flipcharts put the messages through sequentially. Meaning, once the information on the first page is done with, the page is flipped over to continue with the next page.

Flipchart easels offer convenience during presentations. Information and datum is usually formatted on thick stock. But, no one expects that a person will hold the flipchart during presentations. For convenience flipcharts are usually mounted on portable easels. The type of easels preferred is similar physically to those of artists. These are basically light in weight and easy to assemble on site.

Most presentation easels are often dry-erase boards also. Easels are devised to hold pads of large sheets of paper. It has reliable mounting brackets to steadily keep the flipcharts. However, aside from flipcharts, easel mostly doubles as dry-erase boards. So, additional information can be written over it. Usually only presentation easel markers are used. Since this type of marker gives similar graphic intensity to the datum on the flipcharts.

Steel is the most likely preferred material for presentation easels. Portability describes flipchart easels, easy to carry along and convenient to assemble. Tubular steel is the choice material, since it offers stability as the legs lock at the back. Besides, steel is durable and can last indefinitely. And steel is a mile cheaper compared to aluminum or other related office products.

Why are flipchart easels necessary? It is an indispensable device in any presentation.