Lighthouse Wall Clocks for Home and Office Decor

The earliest lighthouse wall clock is twice as old as our grandfathers. Yet, generations after, wall clocks continue to be popular home and office decors.
Lighthouse, the beacon of hope: The past is privy to the importance of the lighthouse. It guides ships to the safety of the harbor. Lighthouse as a clock is however another thing. This is the manufacturing arm of the Chicago Lighthouse, the organization that cares and promotes the welfare of the visually impaired. The production facility created employs mostly the blind, becoming the beacon of hope to many.
From mechanical to quartz clock: Like most clocks, those made by the Chicago Lighthouse went into several upgrades. Production started out as mechanical and moved to quartz technology.

Modern version of the lighthouse wall clocks is infused with the more precise quartz technology to tell the time. The quartz crystal is the heart and matched with an electronic oscillator. Electrical impulses that keep the system running are delivered by dry-cell batteries. Thus, a typical clock unit has a recess to house on ‘AA’ battery.  Power consumption is so minimal that a single battery can last through months of use.

Lighthouse wall clocks are fabulous gifts: As the name signifies hope, clocks of this type become in-demand gifts for any occasion. But, they are more appropriate as moving-in or housewarming gifts. This simply made stunning decors to liven-up dining rooms and kitchen. It seems the addition of a wall clock to a new home is not just complementary, but already mandatory.

Next time you are in a quandary to buy gifts, pick a lighthouse wall clock at the nearby office product supply depot. It is a popular accessory that gift recipients will love.