Mobile Computer Cart – An Alternative Workstation

A mobile computer cart is a kind of office furniture conveniently made as a replacement for those who don’t want the big old size desk and separate shelf. It could serve as an alternative working station or shelf complete with a function of a desk without taking so much space. The ergonomic design of the mobile cart offers improvement to the office space and worker’s productivity. How is that? Here are some of the characteristics that make a mobile computer cart a great alternative workstation.

Practical design – If you would notice, a computer cart has an open design. Composed of steel structure and wooden surface in bold yet stylish design; it also has a cord management bin for wire, plugs and cables. The practicality of the design not only makes this office furniture great for display, easy to access and also prevents unwanted clutter.

Mobility –Since it is also smaller compared to a desk, a mobile cart can be easily stowed on a corner of the office. In addition, the design makes it easier to plug and unplug the devices and equipments whenever you desire to transfer it. With 4 caster wheels (2 locking) it makes moving easier within any corners of the office without needing too much effort and energy pushing. 

Multifunctional – Other than being a space-saver, a mobile cart is also intended to keep other office products and equipments. The shelf space of 29″ wide x 13″  and height of 42”which is also adjustable to three different standing or seated height, can also house a data projector, speaker, notebook computer, DVD player, printer, scanner or other A/V equipment. So whether you are planning to make it as an alternative workstation or a shelf, transformation can be easily done. 

Found in many wholesale office supply stores, the mobile computer cart with shelf is a practical choice for an alternative workstation. Not to mention, its way cheaper than a full desk.