5 Things You Need In the Office Pantry

An office pantry is one of the most important areas for employees. It is where they can truly relax and replenish their energy by taking hot or cold water and beverages, have lunches and eat snacks. It is widely used and frequented; thus needs to have at least the basic supplies and office furniture purposely to serve comfort.  The office pantry must be kept clean at all times since it is the only place where employees can truly mingle. So if you are just about to set up an office pantry or reorganizing it, here are the 5 things you should keep in mind to ensure that the area serves its purpose.

Cleaning equipment – The pantry is likely to get dirty. Leftovers, crumbs, spills, used utensils are usually the culprit. Cleaning equipment like mops, rugs, wiping cloths and dishwashing soaps must be within reached to keep the area tidy.

Basic kitchen electronics – Microwaves, coffee machine, refrigerator and water dispenser are just some of the appliances needed in a pantry. This will ensure that employees have fresh, hot and clean food and drinks.

Sturdy countertops and furniture – No pantry is called decent and functional without a sturdy countertop. Strength is required in this area so it can hold heavy kitchen electronics minus the possibility of cracks and stains. An office utility table for one is an essential furniture. This is where the eating and snack sessions happen. Ideally, countertops and tables that are melamine laminated must be used. These are much durable and resist scratches and scuffs; which lessen the need for constant maintenance and repair.

Ventilation – Like a home kitchen, the office pantry also produces mix scents and smells due to the food and drinks prepared on a daily basis. Having good ventilation keeps the fresh air in the area and makes it cleaner and more comfortable to visit.

Having an organized and functional office pantry is a perk every employee enjoys. And by checking out the list above, you might finally know the basic supplies you need.