Perform Multiple Tasks While On the Phone with Soft Talk Shoulder Rest

Doing multiple tasks is never easy especially when you are taking a call. May it be receiving an order, inquiry or complaint; you should never hang up even when you are reaching for files and papers. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck talking on the phone either. In order to manage receiving calls and getting other office work done, you need to use a soft talk shoulder rest. This office product will allow you to take a call even when writing or filing documents.

Hands- free conversation
Talking while taking down notes is a common phone habit in the office or even at home. Jotting down a message, receiving mails or even typing is too easy. But try doing these for more than five minutes and you will surely strain your neck and burn your ears. Using the shoulder rest, you no longer have to tightly grip the phone between your shoulder and neck or hold it with the other hand. You can talk freely while doing other tasks without hurting your posture.  With its self-adhesive mounting, receive calls anytime less the worry of staying on the line for a couple of minutes.

Ideal for Merlin or cordless telephones
Stand up, stretch, and go get some water or pass paperwork to other department while staying on the phone. These are the benefits of having a wireless phone in the office. And you can do them even more comfortably with the shoulder rest.

The soft talk shoulder rest is a perfect ergonomic office product that should be in any workplace to let employees perform multiple tasks even while on the phone.