Types of Bulletin Boards

The bulletin board, otherwise known as the notice board, pin board, and message board has many types. It is an indispensable product that is deemed essential when it comes to information dissemination. Bulletin boards are where you can post public announcements, upcoming events, and advertisement. These are virtually seen everywhere – in schools, offices, hospitals, streets and even at homes. But depending on the environment, a bulletin board also has different types, styles and materials to best suit the place.

  • Cork board – this type of bulletin board is often seen in schools and in homes. These are used with pins and creatively display photos for scrapbooks. It comes in many different colors and works well with fabrics; making it an even stylish art wall.
  • Dry-erase board – this board is convenient and removes the means of using pin ups. A dry-erase board has a white surface which can be written with dry-erase markers. It can be cleaned by simply wiping it off with a tissue or soft cloth. That is why it is used in various applications especially in an office environment.  Conference and meetings are smoothly initiated with the use of this board. Even at school, this board replaced traditional chalkboard which accumulates dust and chalk residues. Not to mention, dry-erase markers comes with different colors, making every message written on the more noticeable.
  • Magnetic board – The office environment is filled with mounds of paperwork, graphs, charts, notices and policy implementations. Thus, a magnetic board plays an integral role. It uses magnets for secure display of information. It comes in variations such as slides and encased.

However, thanks to the innovative minds of human, these types of bulletin boards are now widely integrated. Now you can buy a dry-erase board with half magnetic board plus a soft foam surface in great numbers of wholesale office supply store. Others even have preprinted calendars, plastic frames and mounting hardware.

Where is the Best Place to Keep Your Cash and Valuable Items in the Office?

At home, we can easily keep our valuable and private items in secret compartments and corners of our house or room. However, the office setup and environment is quite different. Privacy is not entirely given even if working inside a work station. Additionally, you cannot simply keep and lock valuable items such as checks, cash and confidential documents inside desk drawers. So how do you actually safe keep something important in your office? Where is the best place to hide them?

A depository safe is a perfect office product for safekeeping valuable and confidential items in the office. Here are some of the features that might interest you.

It has Anti-fish hoppers. You can slip or put everything inside the depository safe without the need of opening it entirely. The safe comes with a hopper that will allow users to put everything inside without the risk of revealing the other items already stored.

It has multiple security features. Imagine who would dare get through anti-pry door, programmable electronic lock with time delay and relocking device of a safe made of hardened steel and heavy-duty vault ball-bearing hinge? Any unwanted thief will have a hard time opening this office product. It is even more difficult to access when it is bolted to the ground through pre-drilled anchor holes.

The depository safe is a perfect solution in keeping valuable and important files. It has safety features that allow users to feel at ease every time he leaves the office. Thus, offices should provide their employees who are assigned with safe-keeping confidential files.

Mobile Computer Cart – An Alternative Workstation

A mobile computer cart is a kind of office furniture conveniently made as a replacement for those who don’t want the big old size desk and separate shelf. It could serve as an alternative working station or shelf complete with a function of a desk without taking so much space. The ergonomic design of the mobile cart offers improvement to the office space and worker’s productivity. How is that? Here are some of the characteristics that make a mobile computer cart a great alternative workstation.

Practical design – If you would notice, a computer cart has an open design. Composed of steel structure and wooden surface in bold yet stylish design; it also has a cord management bin for wire, plugs and cables. The practicality of the design not only makes this office furniture great for display, easy to access and also prevents unwanted clutter.

Mobility –Since it is also smaller compared to a desk, a mobile cart can be easily stowed on a corner of the office. In addition, the design makes it easier to plug and unplug the devices and equipments whenever you desire to transfer it. With 4 caster wheels (2 locking) it makes moving easier within any corners of the office without needing too much effort and energy pushing. 

Multifunctional – Other than being a space-saver, a mobile cart is also intended to keep other office products and equipments. The shelf space of 29″ wide x 13″  and height of 42”which is also adjustable to three different standing or seated height, can also house a data projector, speaker, notebook computer, DVD player, printer, scanner or other A/V equipment. So whether you are planning to make it as an alternative workstation or a shelf, transformation can be easily done. 

Found in many wholesale office supply stores, the mobile computer cart with shelf is a practical choice for an alternative workstation. Not to mention, its way cheaper than a full desk.