What Fixtures And Furniture Must Be Added In The Reception Area?

The office reception area is purposely for welcoming and receiving customers, guests and clients. In general, the area includes a reception desk where a receptionist is situated to entertain and attend to the inquiries of people coming in. Additionally, it has a waiting area where people are ushered to when their transaction is on the process or when the person they will be dealing with is still unavailable.

When people are directed to remain in the waiting area, it could only mean that their transaction will take a while. Thus, in order to kill time, the waiting area must have available resources for diversion and amusement.

Art work. A stunning work of art will make do. You can hang wall paintings or set a wonderful centerpiece.

Music and/or television. Play a soothing music to relax the people in the waiting area. You can also switch the television for games and movies that most people are willing to watch.

Magazines and newspaper. People enjoy catching the latest news and gossip. Therefore, it is wise to have available resources and office product to keep guests and clients entertained.

Furniture. Invest in quality and useful office furniture. Choose furniture fit for the area and the design you have in mind. Most common furniture that may be added – couch or bench, magazine and newspaper rack, center tables, and a mahogany laminate end table. A mahogany laminate end table can purposely serve as an area where plants, magazines or newspapers, and vases can be deposited.

This sums up the fixtures and furniture of a waiting area. You can add other pieces but be careful not to overcrowd the area.

Advantages of Wire Shelving In the Office

A workplace has too many office supplies and equipment that need to be stored and organized. Having the right place to put them away prevents the office from obtaining too much clutter.  Wire shelving has been a practical choice for many that has too much to store but has little space. It is a very efficient office furniture indeed. However, it also poses pros and cons like any other things. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using wire shelves.

Cheaper – Wire shelves are notches cheaper than wood and fiberglass shelves. They offer the same height and space for storing things. What’s more, they also come with different colors to match the office theme and design.

Lightweight – Wood shelves alone are too heavy to carry when it is needed to move. Sometimes, it also leaves scratches on the floor. Thus, it needs to have a permanent space. Wire shelves on the other hand are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another without exerting too much strength.

Easy to configure – Whether as a closet or shelf, it can be easily transform and configure depending on its purpose. It does not require any tools at all for set up. Some are even adjustable up to 1″ increments and has several gauge patterns, surface and frame.

Versatile – Wire shelving is applicable not only in the office but also at home. It can keep clothes, equipment, food, kitchen arsenals, office supplies and more. It can even support up to 1000 lbs thus, also offer stability.

Using Wire shelves in the office offer numerous benefits. They save time, money and space which makes them an ideal office furniture.

5 Things You Need In the Office Pantry

An office pantry is one of the most important areas for employees. It is where they can truly relax and replenish their energy by taking hot or cold water and beverages, have lunches and eat snacks. It is widely used and frequented; thus needs to have at least the basic supplies and office furniture purposely to serve comfort.  The office pantry must be kept clean at all times since it is the only place where employees can truly mingle. So if you are just about to set up an office pantry or reorganizing it, here are the 5 things you should keep in mind to ensure that the area serves its purpose.

Cleaning equipment – The pantry is likely to get dirty. Leftovers, crumbs, spills, used utensils are usually the culprit. Cleaning equipment like mops, rugs, wiping cloths and dishwashing soaps must be within reached to keep the area tidy.

Basic kitchen electronics – Microwaves, coffee machine, refrigerator and water dispenser are just some of the appliances needed in a pantry. This will ensure that employees have fresh, hot and clean food and drinks.

Sturdy countertops and furniture – No pantry is called decent and functional without a sturdy countertop. Strength is required in this area so it can hold heavy kitchen electronics minus the possibility of cracks and stains. An office utility table for one is an essential furniture. This is where the eating and snack sessions happen. Ideally, countertops and tables that are melamine laminated must be used. These are much durable and resist scratches and scuffs; which lessen the need for constant maintenance and repair.

Ventilation – Like a home kitchen, the office pantry also produces mix scents and smells due to the food and drinks prepared on a daily basis. Having good ventilation keeps the fresh air in the area and makes it cleaner and more comfortable to visit.

Having an organized and functional office pantry is a perk every employee enjoys. And by checking out the list above, you might finally know the basic supplies you need.

Advantages of Using a Computer Carrel in a Small Office

A small business also requires a small workplace. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fill up the work space with desks and other furniture. That would make the workplace smaller and would likewise look disorganize. A computer carrel is one solution that will maximize space and keep workstation privacy. The development of this type of office furniture has benefitted large offices, libraries, study halls, and internet shops. Therefore, it can also serve its purpose on offices with small spaces.

Computer Carrel Features
It is easy to configure. The computer carrels have metal connectors that can be easily adjusted and arranged depending on the space and need. More space can be saved because all workstations are joined together and can be assigned in any office corner.

It is sturdy. This office furniture is not only a space-saver but also very durable. The panels are designed with a 3/4″ thick high-pressure laminate that will last for a long period of time. Also, it is made from sturdy materials similar to walls. So, it is safe to stick photos and notes on panels. Moreover, its frames are made with black powder-coated steel which enables it to deliver superior stability.

The space is wide. The work surface of the carrel is wide enough to accommodate a flat screen monitor or laptop computer. It measures 31-1/2″ wide x 23-3/4″ deep x 29″ high. Plus it has a retractable shelf for your keyboard and leveling glides.

Maintaining workstation privacy while keeping ample free space are office problems that only a computer carrel can resolve.

Genuine Joe Microfiber Cleaning Mitt Glove: Maintaining Sheen to Office Furniture

Polishing with harsh chemicals can destroy office furniture. However, using a microfiber cleaning mitt can have the same polishing effect without the harmful damage, ensuring long lasting and attractive furniture.

The Genuine Joe microfiber cleaning mitt glove is very soft and can hold its shape for an extremely long time. This microfiber mitt is a way of maintaining the surfaces of desks or other office furniture without scratches or damages that appears with more abrasive products and materials. Ultra-fine, densely bundled microscopic fibres form a cleaning surface 40 times greater than regular cotton fibre. It removes substantially more dust, dirt and bacteria than any conventional cleaning products.

Dusting with other cloths or damp materials can leave lint or streaks. The microfibers are designed to be lint free; leaving furniture shining and clean. Picking up dirt, dust and bacteria, this mitt glove may leave the mitt grimy. But there is no need to worry because it is fully machine washable.
The Genuine Joe microfiber cleaning mitt glove comes in an attractive blue colour and is made with 70% recycled material; making it not only stylish and simple to use, but also environment-friendly. Being an eco-friendly cleaning tool adds up to the advantages of the microfiber mitt. It requires no harsh chemicals for cleaning; removing the need for those harmful products.
• Lint-free
• Soft & Gentle on furniture
• No harsh chemical needed
• Environmentally friendly
• Washable
• Effective removal of dust, dirt and bacteria
With all these benefits the Genuine Joe microfiber cleaning mitt glove is a must buy to keep the sheen of office furniture.

How to Make your Small Office Look Great with an Ergonomic Computer Workstation

Starting entrepreneurs have a restricted budget that needs constant monitoring. Spending so much to set up a home or small office is not advisable. That is why investing on reliable and practical office furniture is necessary to help entrepreneurs utilize their budget on more important things. A great solution to make the home or small office look presentable and spacious is using an ergonomic computer workstation.

Investing on the right office furniture is crucial especially if the budget is limited. Choosing anergonomic computer workstation proves to be helpful in so many ways. Here is why:

Compact Design. This office furniture is especially designed for home and small office or anywhere space is limited. It is easy to transport from one place to another and is sleek built makes it both convenient and ideal for cramped spaces.

Economical. A large office desk cost so much and is not ideal for a home and small office. An ergonomic computer workstation is the best alternative to a full size desk. It is affordable and will accommodate the keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer and other accessories.

Functional. The Balt, Inc. Fold-N-Stow computer station, for instance, can be used both as a desk or can be folded and use as a filing cabinet. Versatility is a very useful quality especially in a home and small office setting.

Truly, an ergonomic computer workstation is perfect for starting entrepreneurs who are looking for a cheap alternative to a full size desk. It makes the office look great and organizes all the important things.

How Office Desks Influence the Look and Feel of your Office?

When clients enter the office, they immediately notice the desk and the man’s authority and power behind it. Office furniture such as office desks are one of the most important components in every workplace. They keep everything in place such as paperwork, office supplies, and other things that are deemed to be important to the company’s whereabouts.

An object in a room can change everything. Here’s how office desks influence the look and feel of an entire office.

Save Space.There is nothing more unattractive than a cluttered office. Desks keep everything where they should be and maintain that cozy ambience that is conducive for working and socializing with clients. An organized office reflects an employee’s personality so he should have a reliable office desk that will suit his needs.

Boost Appeal.Desks not only keep everything in order but also influence first impressions. When clients consult an employee, the desk is the rendezvous for business proposals and sealing the deal. That is why every office needs a sleek and modern designed desk that will wow clients and boost the room’s appeal.

To achieve a better looking office, we highly recommend the Buddy Products Space Saver Desk. This office furniture features 3 adjustable shelves so employees can modify it to be more efficient according to their needs. It is made of wood so it gives that classy and cozy feel without compromising its organizing capabilities. The shelves are ideal for storing letter-size documents and folders, while the open area beside these shelves is ideal for binder storage. This office desk also includes a pencil cup and CD holder.