5 Things You Need In the Office Pantry

An office pantry is one of the most important areas for employees. It is where they can truly relax and replenish their energy by taking hot or cold water and beverages, have lunches and eat snacks. It is widely used and frequented; thus needs to have at least the basic supplies and office furniture purposely to serve comfort.  The office pantry must be kept clean at all times since it is the only place where employees can truly mingle. So if you are just about to set up an office pantry or reorganizing it, here are the 5 things you should keep in mind to ensure that the area serves its purpose.

Cleaning equipment – The pantry is likely to get dirty. Leftovers, crumbs, spills, used utensils are usually the culprit. Cleaning equipment like mops, rugs, wiping cloths and dishwashing soaps must be within reached to keep the area tidy.

Basic kitchen electronics – Microwaves, coffee machine, refrigerator and water dispenser are just some of the appliances needed in a pantry. This will ensure that employees have fresh, hot and clean food and drinks.

Sturdy countertops and furniture – No pantry is called decent and functional without a sturdy countertop. Strength is required in this area so it can hold heavy kitchen electronics minus the possibility of cracks and stains. An office utility table for one is an essential furniture. This is where the eating and snack sessions happen. Ideally, countertops and tables that are melamine laminated must be used. These are much durable and resist scratches and scuffs; which lessen the need for constant maintenance and repair.

Ventilation – Like a home kitchen, the office pantry also produces mix scents and smells due to the food and drinks prepared on a daily basis. Having good ventilation keeps the fresh air in the area and makes it cleaner and more comfortable to visit.

Having an organized and functional office pantry is a perk every employee enjoys. And by checking out the list above, you might finally know the basic supplies you need.

How to Safely Load and Unload Large Packages in the Office

In the office, there are times when packages and items come in heavy sizes and weights. Office supplies and equipment arrive in bulks which makes it impossible to be carried and stored by merely using the hands. And some office supplies and items are fragile that loading and unloading them must be done carefully.  At times like these, a platform hand truck is reliable to do the difficult task. Using a platform truck makes the moving of heavy items in and out of the office more convenient.  This kind of truck is specifically designed to be pulled by users that make it easier for them to control and safely navigate the goods. Below are the safe ways to load and unload large packages in the office using the platform truck.

Clear the area – During loading and unloading, make sure that the area is clear of other people. If the area is in a busy street, make sure that you steer clear on the pedestrians.

Vehicles must be parked on a clear level ground – Whether it is a van or a truck that carries the packages, make sure that it is parked on a level ground and away from cables or wires from the street. This will make the loading or unloading of cargos easier.

Closely position the platform truck on the door of the vehicle – The hand truck should be close to the opening of the vehicle where the package can be easily slide or rolled onto it. As for the vehicle, the door should be widely opened. If there are two doors, open both for easy pass of goods.

Stack the goods evenly – Uneven loading will cause instability which may lead for the package to fall over while navigated in the office or in the vehicle. Put the strap if there is to keep it more stable.

It is important to maintain the manner of loading with unloading to prevent any damages to items or office supplies.  With the help of a platform hand truck any heavy package in the office will be safely delivered and stored.

Benefits of a Coffee Table in the Office

Coffee tables have been around for ages at home or in the office. Aside from its numerous functionalities, it provides enhancements to the office interior design. This office product also offers many benefits in various fields. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right size and design that will complement the entire room.

A rule of thumb is to choose a coffee table that is 2/3 the length of the room’s sofa. There should also be enough room for someone to walk around it yet not so much space that someone seated cannot easily reach a drink. Here are the great benefits of this office product in the office:

• Since couches or chairs surround this office product, it serves as a meeting place for employees to socialize and converse. This creates a friendly office environment and keeps the atmosphere light and stress free.

• It supports the room’s focal point, which creates a harmonious balance between furniture and highlights the appeal of the office interior design.

• A coffee table also displays the office owner’s personality. Thus, choosing the right one makes an office attractive, which in turn attracts more potential clients.

• It is a convenient place to set food, drinks, and a comfortable spot for entertaining guests or clients.

• It provides additional storage for books and magazines.

• It can also be accessorized with plants, candles and other appropriate items to enhance the look and feel of the office interior design.

Remember to choose the perfect furniture that suits the office. The Basyx coffee table is ideal for reception areas, lounges and offices with its sleek and contemporary design.

Expandable Garment Clips – Tips on Hanging Clothes in the Office

Maintaining an attractive office design is essential in the workplace. And what better way to boost the overall appeal of the office than to keep everything organized. It is important to know that getting rid of clutter and organizing wholesale office supplies are not the only ways to make an office look presentable. Using an expandable garment clips over cubicle walls to hang clothing is also a great idea!

It is essential to provide proper care on expensive corporate attires such as suits and blazers. These office clothing needs to be stored well so they last longer. Employees must also ensure well-organized office cubicles to keep the office design appealing to clients. The following are some tips on hanging clothes using the expandable garment clips in the office.

• First, employees need to identify hangables. This could include office shirts, blazers, suits and ties, etc. These garments need proper care and must be stored safely.
• Make sure all garment clips are of the same size. If employees use a mix of wholesale office supplies hangers and clips, clothes will hang at different angles and viewing them will not be as pleasant.
• Another helpful tip is to fasten the top few buttons of all shirts, blazers and suits to prevent them from slipping off the garment clips.

The expandable garment clips are definitely important in keeping clothes organized while not boosting office design. This wholesale office supply slides easily over office cubicle walls so employees can easily hang their clothing. It is made of chrome and ergonomically designed to include a hook on each side of the clip.

CEP Magazine Rack 10 X 3 – How Does It Enhance The Office Interior Design?

Magazine racks are efficient device for saving office space. It keeps the workplace attractive and clutter free by holding office supplies and other paperwork securely. There are various types of magazine racks for every display needs. However, the CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 stands out among the rest when it comes to enhancing the office interior design.

A magazine rack is a reliable office product because it prevents paperwork and other small office supplies from snagging. It is very efficient in maintaining an organized office interior design. Having an attractive and clutter free workplace is essential to lure in potential clients and leave a good business impression. Here is how the CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 boosts the office room’s appeal:

• Beautiful design. It features a transparent crystal design with highlighted rounded edges. In addition, its contrasted matte finish with glossy background definitely enhances the esthetic appeal. This makes the CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 ideal for every office interior design.

• Easy access to documents. Its solid walls do not snag when inserting paperwork. It also holds small items and office supplies securely. In addition, the rack’s finger grip is in the form of a small lip, which helps to pull the magazine rack forward.

• Saves space. Magazine rack fits easily into all shelving systems. It accepts A4 and files up to 9-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ (24 cm x 32 cm).

• Environmentally friendly. It is made from recyclable, shock-resistant polystyrene. This material makes it durable and good for the environment.

The CEP magazine rack 10 x 3 will definitely boost the overall appeal of the workplace. This product is a true must have for a clutter free and attractive office.