Convertible Utility Cart Platforms – How It Offers Versatility To Users?

Cleaning needs specialty products and equipment to make the process much more convenient. Particularly on large areas where implements and cleaning products have to be moved systematically. All of these must be mounted on movable platforms to ease the cleaning process.

Convertible utility platforms can help. Basically, this cleaning equipment is a utility cart, but convertible into a durable platform easily. Transformation is made with just a simple push of the button and foot pedal. The simple process allows the cart to collapse from a height of 34-3/8” to just 10-7/8”.
It is designed for heavy-duty operations. As a utility cart, it can carry a total of 400pounds load. The upper shelf holds up to 150pounds and 250pounds for the bottom shelf. The recessed top holds cleaning products securely. And the extended bottom platform with a deck area of 24” x 36” is for bulky loads.

It is versatile and convenient to have around. This office product is installed with swivel casters for easy mobility. Physically, the cart has a narrow profile to provide easy access to doors and hallways. Plus, for utmost convenience to the worker the handle is designed ergonomically.

 It categorically helps reduce workers’ strain. Designers of the utility cart platforms have placed premium on convenience. This is to dramatically reduce workers’ strain.  Since workers will move theoretically with the cleaning equipment, the lesser the strain the better for the worker.

Remember, only the convertible utility cart platform can offer workers the degree of versatility. Easy mobility is required, particularly for large scale cleaning operations.

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