Cork Bulletin Boards: The Resilient Post-it Message Board

Bulletin boards will never die-out of importance. It will continue to be the most appropriate device to post eye-catching messages, advertisements, or announcements.

Bulletin boards will be here to stay. None could be as dominant, even the computer and the internet. It has shown its appeal in the past and will continue to be part of the people’s future. In fact, bulletin boards have become synonymous with information. The importance is iconic; being the genre for information. Universities, colleges, dormitory corridors, hallways, lobbies and even dine-in and amusement places all attest to the importance of bulletin boards.

The prevalence of bulletin boards is understandable. The association with this office supply is never-ending. Bulletin boards are primarily the source of information. It has served various quests long before Queen Elizabeth II was born and will continue to be around even after she leaves her post. The bond with bulletin boards is strangely secure, and none could break the ties.
Cork bulletin boards will lord it over other types. The only reason for the cork’s dominance is resilience.  No other material can match its resiliency. Users can post anything on it using push pins easily. And can retrieve items as easily.  It leaves no damage to the surface because the cork is self-healing. The material could actually go through several hundreds of rounds of pinning. Although, there are other kinds available like the magnetic types, none could match the properties of cork.
Next time you think of messages, cork visual communications productswill surely crop-up.  Cork is one and the same with life; resilient to all.

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